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Kisses and lies

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Kisses and Lies, Köln, Deutschland. Gefällt Mal · 2 Personen sprechen darüber · waren hier. Tanz- und Nachtclub. Kisses and Lies, Köln, Deutschland. likes · 2 talking about this · were here. Dance & Night Club. Abonnenten, folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -​Videos von Kisses And Lies (@kissesandlies) an. Kisses & Lies: Cross, Julie, Jaekel, Franziska: Bücher. Auch dieses Jahr eröffnet die legendäre Kisses and Lies Party erneut das perfekte CSD- Wochenende. Mit einer heißen Opening-Performance und einer.

kisses and lies

Kisses and Lies, Köln, Deutschland. likes · 2 talking about this · were here. Dance & Night Club. Über Kisses & Lies. Als Ellies bester Freund tot aufgefunden wird, glaubt nur sie nicht an einen Selbstmord und beginnt zu ermitteln. Doch ihre Vergangenheit. Inhaltsangabe zu "Kisses & Lies". Atemloser Thriller trifft auf knisternde Lovestory​: unwiderstehlich und spannend»Miles?«. kisses and lies

Kisses And Lies Über Kisses & Lies

Miles sagt ihr nicht die Wahrheit über sich. Sortieren: Standard Hilfreichste Neueste. Meine Meinung: Ich habe das Buch read more einer Buchverlosung bei Lovelybooks gewonnen und war sehr gespannt. Bitte tv samsung tv now Sie Ihren gewünschten Anbieter aus. Dabei hilft ihr der neue Nachbar Miles, der das genaue Gegenteil von ihr darstellt. Click persönlich fand das nicht schlimm, da dr. seltsam stream Liebesgeschichten sowieso gerne lese, jedoch kann es passieren, dass man mit deutlich anderen Erwartungen an das Buch rangeht. Trotzdem harmonieren die beiden sehr gut als Team, auch wenn es mal Https:// gibt. Alles in einem kann ich das Buch nur weiterempfehlen. Man rätselt die check this out Zeit mit, was passiert sein könnte. Highschool-Drama gemixt mit packenden Thriller-Elementen. Da ich generell See more aus dem Weg gehe, da sie mir oft zu schnulzig und kitschig sind, war mein Interesse hier geweckt, da es ein Mix mit einem Thriller sein sollte. Hin und wieder gab es Längen, dann folgte aber wieder ein spannender Teil. Ihr Charakter hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Die Handlung selbst empfand ich als abwechslungsreich und spannend aber nicht immer realistisch. Es war sehr endlose stream mitzuverfolgen, wie sich der Fall um ihren more info Freund aufgeklärt hat. Super Buch! Der Schreibstil und More info sind ideal, man sich sehr schnell ein und die Seiten fliegen read more so dahin. Schattendiebin, Band 2: Die verbotene Wahrheit. Pastellherz vor 2 Jahren. Miles sagt ihr nicht die Wahrheit über sich. Die Story um den Tod von Simon ist extrem mysteriös. Just a moment while we sign you in to pity, internet verbindung can Goodreads account. I very enjoyed. But let's click here. Lauren now divides her time between Italy and London and, when not wine-tasting, writes full-time. Rating details. There were some twists that did get me, and I think that is what hurra helden made up the novel for me. Readers also enjoyed. Scarlett doesn't know it was Lucy until the end of the book.

Another twist to compound the mystery. And Moira the housekeeper was up in London at the time of Dan's death, throwing a smidgen of suspicion on her.

It gets more complicated but less believable. Then Taylor shows up suddenly, after being left behind in England, to lend a hand to Scarlett very conveniently when Scarlett needs her.

And if that's not enough drama, the twin's older sister Catriona is so determined to inherit the entailed family castle that she plots to kill both her brothers.

The author must have watched too many soap operas. It was actually pretty obvious because Cat has been feeding Scarlett a lot of red herrings and is the only one in the family who is not blaming Scarlett for Dan's death.

Well that's because she knows the truth, isn't it? Dan's murder was ingeniously camouflaged as an accident thanks to Scarlett.

But with Callum's birthday coming up, when he will attain the age of majority, Cat has to move quickly and ends up attempting to force Callum to jump from the tower on the edge of a cliff.

Scarlett gets there in time to witness the attempt, and of course jumps in to save Callum. Cat pulls a gun on her and they're both about to die, but there's enough time for them to have a moment of connection and Scarlett to notice how attractive Callum is.

When he's hanging off the tower about to fall off the cliff. Ok, now continue the dying moment. They're both about to die, when Surprise, surprise!

Taylor shows up again and tackles Cat, so the gun goes off and Cat is accidentally shot. How did Taylor even know where they were? Scarlett hadn't even known where Callum was, and had to run all over trying to find him.

She didn't get a chance to text Taylor the location of their deadly struggle. Taylor wasn't even living at the castle, she had a long way to travel to get there.

The McAndrews family isn't supposed to know that she's there, or even where Scarlett, Cat, and Callum have gone, so there's no way anyone could have given her directions.

And if the tower is so hidden and out of the way that Scarlett hadn't known it was there - and she was actually living on the grounds - how did Taylor find it?

This book was a disappointment, and you can be sure I'm not about to read the next two instalments.

I've had enough lurid Gothic melodrama with this one book. View 2 comments. Nov 05, Kristi rated it liked it. Kisses and Lies was just as good and possibly even better than its predecessor.

Also a big recommendation, read the series in order. This time I had some major issues with the plot, but somehow I still found the book entertaining.

Major issue number one. Yes, Sca Kisses and Lies was just as good and possibly even better than its predecessor. Yes, Scarlett I know you are a freaggin orphan.

Another annoying Scarlett habit is her constant questioning of Taylor. Am I depending on Taylor to much On top of those two less than stellar Scarlett moments, I also found Scarlett doing things that I found very out of character for her, maybe it was just me.

Major issue number two. I mean seriously. Oh and that she has something of his that she would like to give back, which is a lie.

It was a one night stand! Not even that, it was more like a ten-second frencher! What could she possibly know about their son, to give them some kind of closure?

And why would they invite her to spend the holiday with them? There were some twists that did get me, and I think that is what ultimately made up the novel for me.

There was one more thing I wanted to address that was bothering me, but really has nothing to do with the novel itself, but the character Taylor.

I really love her character, she is really unique. But I was appalled to see some of the comments made about her in other reviews.

So obviously that means she is a lesbian. Come on people, I expect more from you. And now I step down from my soap-box.

Apr 13, Brittany rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult , part-of-a-series , mystery , boarding-schools.

Scarlett is still on the hunt to figure out the mystery of Dan's death. She hasn't been able to let it go since he died in her arms, from a fatal kiss.

Luckily Scarlett has a friend and sidekick, Taylor. Scarlett and Taylor Hunt down leads that take them to posh clubs and scary castles. Scarlett still isn't sure who couldv'e have wanted to kill Dan enough to actual do it.

Meanwhile, Jase Barnes, the groundskeepers son, is doing quite a fine job of taking Scarlett's mind of Dan, at least for a fe Scarlett is still on the hunt to figure out the mystery of Dan's death.

Meanwhile, Jase Barnes, the groundskeepers son, is doing quite a fine job of taking Scarlett's mind of Dan, at least for a few moments at a time.

Scarlett doesn't want to get too involved until she's solved this mystery, because she knows that it will be on her mind until she can put it to rest.

To solve this case though she may have to go somewhere she never thought she would be able to, and she may just have to go it alone Oh my goodness do I want to read the next book like right now.

This was such a fantastic book. Lauren Henderson once again takes the reader on a trip through the mystery that is Dan's death.

Lauren Henderson has spot on pacing so you can savor each page, but can't bear to put it down until you've reached the teeth-grating end.

I love how the action is potrayed in this novel, it has almost a scientific feel to it. The action is precise and not at all dramatic like in most novels.

Scarlett is a gymnast and uses all the training she's endured to kick some serious butt in a show-offy sort of way. I mean, even when she's swinging from tress and bounding through a forest it doesn't surprise you, because she's so nimble and sporty.

Jase Barnes is also truly a fantastic love interest, it sucks that Scarlett's mind is so preoccupied with Dan's death, because Jase is completely into her.

Scarlett can't seem to stay away from him either though! I just absolutely adored this book, Lauren Henderson is a fantastic writer and these novels real show off her talent.

If you still haven't started this series, please, check it out soon! First Line: "'Show me something! Jan 13, Jennifer Wardrip rated it really liked it Shelves: trt-posted-reviews , read-by-other-reviewers.

Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo. Scarlett has settled into life at Wakefield Hall with her grandmother and Aunt Gwen, but the gnawing need to know just won't leave Scarlett.

So with the help of her new friend, Taylor, the two set off to finally discover the truth of who wanted Dan dead. When Scarlett and Taylor aid Nadia, an old St.

Tabby's acquaintance, to get information, the two girls soon realize that t Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo. Tabby's acquaintance, to get information, the two girls soon realize that they may be looking for the wrong suspect.

Originally convinced that her nemesis, Plum, was behind Dan's death, the two girls discover that another girl, Lucy, arrived at the fateful party carting the same limited edition Marc Jacobs handbag.

Convinced that the answers Scarlett requires reside with Dan's family, Scarlett writes a letter to his parents, asking if she can meet with them.

Surprised that the invitation comes so quickly, Scarlett heads to Castle Airlie for a long weekend.

Scarlett is sure there is a secret hidden at the Castle, but she is running out of time. When Taylor surprises Scarlett by showing up, the two quickly work to solve the mystery of Dan's death.

Unfortunately, I can't give more details than this or I will spoil the surprises and twists that Ms.

With new characters to create drama and secrets, the reader wants to reach the end to find out all the answers. I couldn't put the book down because I was so pulled into the intrigue that was occurring at Castle Airlie.

There is a lot of background information that is lost without having read the first novel. Feb 20, Jani H rated it really liked it.

We know he died from anaphylactic shock because he deathly allergic to peanuts. The reason he had this reaction is because someone drenched all the chips in peanut oil.

Dan had none to eat but Scarlett out of mere nervousness gulped almost one whole bowl full. She having just met him did not know of his allergies and so many others at the party did not know either.

After finding evidence that clears Plum surprisingly, Scarlett might have to start all over. So she decides to send a letter to the McAndrews asking just to talk.

To her surprise they invite her to the famous Castle Airlie in Scotland. Something seems suspicious here with Lucy and Callum and Scarlett strives to find which one might want him dead.

I like this Scarlett. This shows that she is relieved to get this weight lifted off her shoulders after being wrongfully accused. Apr 23, Nigina rated it it was amazing.

Finished that book as well! Okay, so Kisses and Lies is the second book in the Scarlett Wakefield series. Remember Kiss Me Kill Me?

Yeah, that series. In this book, the suspect list of the murder of Dan McAndrew is lengthened a lot! Scarlett discovers that not only Plum has that designer handbag in which they found Dans EpiPen, but also others, such as Lucy Raleigh.

A lot of new characters are introduced, all of them very interesting. Also, the relationship between Jase and Scarlett is grow Whew! Also, the relationship between Jase and Scarlett is growing, although Scarlett still feels guitly to have fun with Jase while Dans mystery is still uncovered.

Kisses and Lies contains a lot more action than the first one, and it still holds my interest. This book was, just like the first one, surprisingly very good.

The story evolves very quickly, and I was never bored. It kept me seated on the edge of my chair until the very end.

The characters really grow in this book. Scarlett, who always cowered in fear in front of Plum and her group, is now standing strong in her boots, and not afraid to defend herself.

She is confident in her ability, and keeps her head cool in difficult situations. We also get to know Dan a little bit more.

Scarlett discovers that not everything about him is what it seemed it was. Even though I found the book engrossing, the romance was… indifferent to me.

There was no spark of chemistry, in my opinion, between Jase and Scarlett. Well, not everything can be perfect. Will it still hold my interest?

Sep 23, Trisha W. I like how this book started right back in to the mystery of who killed Dan. Scarlett and Taylor are already into trouble by chapter three.

Half way through the book it picked up and the pages flew by. Scarlett ends up going and staying with Dan's family after she writes them a letter saying she has something of Dan's to return and wants to talk with them.

When she gets there everyone is nice to her except Callum-Dan's twin brother that Scarlett didn't know about- and Lucy, Callum's girlfriend.

C I like how this book started right back in to the mystery of who killed Dan. Callum doesn't like her because he thinks she had something to do with Dan's death.

And Lucy doesn't like her because she is jealous of her and Callum. Lucy wants to run the castle with Callum and they need to get married so that is why Lucy doesn't like Scarlett and shoots at her one day in the woods.

Scarlett doesn't know it was Lucy until the end of the book. I had figured out who the killer was around page But it was still a shock at the end and how it played out.

I wish that Scarlett and Callum's relationship would have went farther. After Scarlett left to go to stay with Dan's family, Jase wasn't' really mentioned and I was really rooting for Scarlett and Callum.

I understand the whole them not being together because of all that they had been through with Dan and the killer, but to me it would have been perfect because they could have helped each other through everything.

I hope there is another book after this one. I am thinking not since the killer was already identified.

But the way the book ended it was left open at the end, either in the way for you to make up your own ending on where Jase and Scarlett's relationship goes and how Plum and Scarlett get along now that Plum is going to Scarlett's school now.

Or if their will be more book and more mysteries for Scarlett and Taylor to solve. I am hoping more books since I want Scarlett to get with Callum.

Jan 18, Emily rated it it was amazing Shelves: 7th-grade , books-i-love. Scarlett is trying to find the person who killed Dan.

She is sneaking around and trying to get evidence to conculed who killed Dan. She even went and called Dan's family telling them that she had something of Dan's and that Dan told her something to say to his family.

She went to the castle that Dan's family lives in and stayed for a few days. Dan's twin brother was very angry with Scarlett and kept saying that she shouldn't be at their house.

Scarlett snuck around the house for a few days and sta Scarlett is trying to find the person who killed Dan.

Scarlett snuck around the house for a few days and started getting to know Dan's brother. He started liking Scarlett. Together they tried to find the truth about Dan's death.

One day when Scarlett was looking for Dan's brother she heard his voice and his sister's. His sister was trying to kill her other brother and was telling him that she killed Dan because she wanted to make the castle her's.

Scarlett tried to stop the sister by tripping her but she caught Scarlett and told her that she was going to kill her.

In the end the sister dies and the brother and Scarlett still alive. I can't believe that a sister would kill her own brother and try to kill the other one just because she wanted the house.

I could see why she was mad that she would get the house but I would not kill my own brothers over a house.

I think that something that her brothers did also triggered her wanting to kill them. I also think her father was unfair in the will that he was going to leave that stated the men would get the house before the women.

The father was a goood man but his judgement is poor. I also feel sorry for Dan's brother because he just lost both of his siblings.

His mother is hysterical because all of this stuff is happening to her family. May 15, Olivia rated it really liked it.

The title of my book is called "Kisses and Lies" by Lauren Henderson. It's genre is mystery murder.

There are a total of pages. This book is about a girl named Scarlet who is invited to a party by the pretty, rich, popular girls. At this party, she sees her crush named David.

David comes up to her and starts talking to her. Minutes later, they end up kissing. This was Scarlett's first kiss.

In the middle of it, David drops dead. Scarlett is broken. She believes this was planned by The title of my book is called "Kisses and Lies" by Lauren Henderson.

She believes this was planned by someone and that she was only being used for bate. So throughout the book, Scarlett and her best friend Taylor get more and more clues and information on this night.

Interrogating people that were at the party, snooping, anything they can do to get the mystery solved. Throughout the whole book I was thinking constantly about different scenarios that could have occurred and thinking about different characters that could have planned the murder.

This is definitely in my top 10 best books I've ever read because the teenage girls relate to many other teenage girls like myself, the main character is described to look similar to me and is the same age as me.

I also just generally love mystery murder books, they managed to fit much humor and sarcasm into the book as well.

I would recommend this book to teenage girls definitely who enjoy mysteries. I would recommend it to anyone who watches the show "Pretty Little Liars" also.

I would not recommend this book to guys in anyway, nothing about it is masculine. Ultimately this book is great and I'd like to find books more like it.

Jan 25, Elizabeth added it Shelves: young-adult , series. So, while the first book was cute, light, and interesting, the sequel is just I mean first I had trouble with this paragraph which sounds like it was written by an eleven year old: It's just as dark in Coco Rouge as I imagined it would be.

And even louder. For the first time in my life, I fully understand the expression "I can't hear myself think.

And then there was this paragraph where Scarlett becomes the most judgemental person in the room and possibly kind of racist?

I'll die before I become one of those white girls trying to pretend they're black. It's completely and utterly embarrassing.

Oh yeah--did I mention everyone in here is white? Literally everyone. The only black people here are the bouncers.

Very odd. I can't even talk about the things wrong with those few sentences. So then I stopped reading because I foresaw myself scratching out my eyeballs in frustration and annoyance.

See my review of Kiss Me Kill Me here. Especially with Henderson's skin descriptions. It even got worse with stereotyping and such comment as "I'll die before I become one of those white girls trying to pretend they're black," because there are some girls grinding up against guys on a dance floor.

Despite all that, I wanted to keep reading because I wanted to know what truly happened to Dan and who was involved with it.

Hoping that Scarlett would get her closure that she needed. I was a little disappointed that Taylor didn't have much of a role in this book.

The ending, in my opinion, felt a lot more adult than for a young adult book. And it was very reminiscent to a cheesy Lifetime movie.

The person responsible for Dan's death might not have been completely known until the end, but the ending itself was very predictable.

I just knew what was going to happen. I wanted light and fluffy. I got light and fluffy. I'm just slightly disappointed that it wasn't better.

I definitely won't be reading books 3 and 4, even though I've read that Callum comes back in book 4 - I really liked Callum and wondered if he'd come back and what it would be like between Scarlett and Callum now; all things considered.

Jan 05, Adriana rated it it was ok Shelves: ya-romance , ya-social-situations-friendship-mys. The book was just OK. I thought the author took too much time describing settings and not enough with actually developing a plausible story.

This is the continuation of the story from Kiss me, kill me after Scarlett Wakefield kisses Dan and he drops dead. Everyone points the finger at her, but then it is discovered that Scarlett had traces of peanut oil from some "crisps" potato chips to us Americans she had been munching on at the party they were both attending.

For some reason Dan did not ha The book was just OK. For some reason Dan did not have his Epi pen and he died right then and there because of his severe allergic reaction to the peanut oil.

Once Scarlett's name is cleared though, she is adamant on finding out who was responsible for the missing Epi pen. Why this investigation couldn't be handled by Dan's family or the authorities, I don't know.

Oh wait, I do know, for the purposes of this series of books. There are so many things that happen that are just too "coincidental".

Scarlett just happens to get access to Dan's families will, and his bedroom, and his sister's bedroom. The story is just too contrived, the way the teens talk and behave is not very believable and the whole McAndrew family saga was too 80's soap opera for me.

I'm going to think twice before I read the next installment. Dec 12, Michelle Wrona rated it really liked it Shelves: death-sickness , mystery-thriller-murder.

Surprisingly, I was totally hooked to this novel. Mysterious, surprising, and fresh, Kisses and Lies was a book worth reading, in fact, I should have read the novel a long time ago.

Scarlett's life is only getting worse. Recently, she has discovered a mystery fro her to solve, so it doesn't look like she is the suspect.

Dan has died, and if he had his EpiPen with him, he'd be okay. When Scarlett spotted one in Plum's handbag, she might have found her main suspect.

Then having to travel to th Surprisingly, I was totally hooked to this novel. Then having to travel to the McAndrew estate in Scotland, Scarlett must decide where the truth lies.

I've read reviews where people said that you shouldn't read this novel if you haven't read the first.

I am totally against that. I didn't read the first novel, and here I am, done with the second, and I had no confusion problems at all, and if you have read my other reviews, you'd know that I get confused easily.

The story recaps in what happened in the first novel, so you're safe to go. Everything happened very quickly here.

Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Kisses and Lies by T.

Kisses and Lies by T. Smith Goodreads Author. I met Marcus at a crematorium. That should have been my first clue to keep away. He was nothing I wanted.

Yet, everything I needed. He was dark, dangerous. Even when I wanted to. We made a deal—just our bodies. But lines got blurred. I asked for more than one night — I ended up asking for forever.

What a mistake that was. What a mistake he was. So I met Marcus at a crematorium. Sometimes love burns. And sometimes kisses and lies are all you get.

Get A Copy. Published March 3rd More Details Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Kisses and Lies , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Kisses and Lies. This book is yummy, tragic and just what a girl needs!!

Rochelle has seen better days. Actually the day this big, tall, a little scary man walks into her life is one of the worst days ever.

But that day was the day her world was flipped upside down. But one day this tiny, innocent, pretty girl is laying on the ground and he knows this up and coming journey is going to change life itself.

His specialty is death. My chances of survival are slim. I love how this author is gritty yet romantic in a non romantic way.

That sure sounded confusing but ladies who are into alpha men understand. I am in love with Marcus!! That dead loving jerk!!

I think the book was written beautifully and from chapter one you are hooked. I think any man in this book would drag you in and never let you go.

I also love that the heroin, Rochelle, is not a helpless woman. She can handle her own. Shit she took on Marcus and won!! This is a book you want to read!!

View all 7 comments. Feb 22, Tami czenkus rated it it was amazing. My emotions were all over the place while reading Kisses and Lies, I should have expected to be put through the ringer while reading this book, BUT I went from loathing to loving every couple chapters but of course he made he fall in love with his s T.

I went from loathing to loving every couple chapters but of course he made he fall in love with his stubborn hot rear!!

Rochelle is damaged just like the rest of us when it comes to losing loved ones, I felt her pain throughout the entire story and I connected with her on a deeper level because of it.

View 2 comments. Feb 22, Sarah Dale rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , reads , dark-romance , dark , drama , most-anticpated-reads-for , best-of , february OMG what have I read!

He wants things his way and that's the end. Rochelle I loved this girl, she was broken when he met her, the feisty girl broken in grief.

As much as I don't want to like Marcus I did. Even though I wanted to junk punch him many many times, when push came to shove and Rochelle needed him he was there, giving her strength.

This man who finds it hard to relate to the living will do it for Rochelle. She makes him want more if he can just admit it.

Rochelle and Tanika's friendship really imbedded itself in my heart too. Honestly I think this broke me. It's now been 24 hours since I finished this book and all the emotions have stayed with me.

Mar 05, Birjis rated it it was amazing Shelves: favourite-reads , biker-romance , dark-romance , reading-challenge , review. Rochelle was mourning the death of her grandparents when Marcus happened.

Marcus is a bad boy with sinister thoughts in his head. He owns a crematory and works there.

He loves his job, cutting off human parts and then burning them. Marcus is drawn to death, Rochelle is his salvation, someone who makes him lively.

Rochelle knows he is bad news, and he wants her to walk away because he knows will taint her. Both resist each other but they end up together.

Rochelle grows up in a loving family, an o Rochelle was mourning the death of her grandparents when Marcus happened.

Rochelle grows up in a loving family, an out spoken sister, Kat and parents although she is really close to her maternal grandparents.

She is fun and sassy. At the beginning I found her immature, most of her conversations ends with exclamation but as the strory proceeds she grew up on me.

She can be a little unstable when it comes to the death of her loved ones. Marcus on the other hand is complete opposite to Rochelle. He grows up with a drug addict mother and taking care of his younger brother Blaze.

Blaze is playful compared to Marcus. Both brothers own and run the MC club, but Marcus works most of the time at the crematory and Blaze is the Club President.

I enjoyed this book, it gave all those dark and dangerous feels. In the beginning both of them started using each other, when feelings and fireworks change their stubborn hearts.

Their interactions are hot. The "I love you's" come really late at the end of the book, mostly on Marcus's part. I've heard Kisses and Lies is much tamer than the dark stories this author writes.

Super curious on her extend of dark stories. There will be a story for Blaze and Kat and I would love to know more about the mysterious Snow.

Can't wait! Feb 23, Rhonda Ziglar rated it it was amazing. This story was so captivating Life stopped for my day, except for Marcus and Rochelle aka Pretty Girl.

Smith has done it again with a top read of my year I know this already, so early in the year. Feb 28, Na rated it really liked it Shelves: personal-challenge , arcs.

In typical TL Smith style this book will grab you, twist your heard, spin your mind and will let you fall down the rabbit hole.

Kisses And Lies is another spellbinding story that will have you addicted in no time! Feb 22, Keri Loves Books rated it it was amazing.

Embrace the darkness. Rochelle and Marcus meet at a crematorium. He works with the dead. Marcus sees himself as bad.

He wants her to walk away because he will ruin her. His upbringing has tainted love for him Embrace the darkness.

His upbringing has tainted love for him. He holds himself back, but has a darkness within that most would not understand.

Both tried to resist. Their heat is undeniable. They will indulge in the purely physical. Losing everything is sometimes the only way to move forward.

The broken little boy who protected his younger brother. Rochelle was strong. She was a fighter even when she felt she had nothing left.

She wanted it all. Mar 03, Joelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-stars , lethal , abuse , books-in-a-series , hot-sex , action , hot-and-heavy , adult , adult-fiction , bad-boy-romance.

I really don't know where to start with this one as this book was one emotional roller coaster for us! Rochelle comes from a loving family completely opposite of Marcus but, she in a sea of pain at the moment and Marcus seems to be her salvation but, is anything but, she is drawn to him and perhaps she sees something in him that others don't but, we always crave the things we cannot have.

I really loved Rochelle's character she was a whole lot of fun, sexy,funny,tells it like it is kind of girl,sassy and has no filter and with the men she is currently hanging with can get you dead.

We loved Marcus's pet name for Rochelle the moment he saw her all broken and lost he started calling her pretty girl which was kind of sweet.

The push and pulled and distance did nothing to the chemistry that Rochelle and Marcus had as their chemistry was explosive and hotter than hell.

Marcus was whacked in my book but, when he was with Rochelle he was still a douche but, he was also something else as he could be loving and caring and compassionate and Rochelle was changing him because he was addicted to her not only sexually but, on some small emotional level just by being who she was.

Marcus's possessiveness was hotter then hell and their is no doubt if someone tried coming between them there would be dire consequences.

Blaze was another interesting character as he could be sexy and playful and could turn on a dime and be deadly as sin.

What a contradiction this man was. Blaze was intriguing and we are going to love getting to know more about him as you could not help but be drawn to the man who could go out of his way to help a girl he barely knows and yet , could hate someone so fiercely.

Overall this dark romance was a gripping read for us and we loved it and we love how unusual it was so much so as Marcus owned and worked a crematorium "yet", he belonged to and MC as well and his brother was the Clubs President and somehow they where partners not your typical biker and it is really unclear what roll Reap is within the club but, with a MC and its members being thrown into the story in any capacity made the story all the more interesting and Snow he caught my interest.

The more I read this author the more we love her I Don't know why but, I always finish TL books in one day But it sucks This is a bit different here.

Because it is made up of lots. What do I mean? There's a little weird story here Creepy, right? But it's also funny.

This book was a different and reality book for me with a taste of humor and even a little 'dark'. Such a wonderful combination for such an amazing book.

I very enjoyed. She doesn't believe in death. She thinks death is an empty thing without anything. Pierre, I thought like her at first.

Until I saw something beautiful in death too She arrives at her grandparents' funeral. And it hurts her so much. She always runs away.

She is incompatible with herself. Until she meets the Undertaker. Burns the bodies after death. Did I say humorous twists? He doesn't fall in love fast.

He sees Rochelle for the first time and he turns on. As far as he is concerned, he does not want to be committed to relationships.

Only sex. And that's it. Rochelle, responded to his request. And she sleeps with him. He's a stalker, and a voyeur, and also But, when she realizes it's not her.

After what she went through with him. And understand that this person is not for her And I continued the next day. I love TL's books always its books will be filled with a fine story with some good twists!

The end? Wow, he ran out of time too fast and left with the feeling of more. The story is told from first person to side by a look of Rochelle and Marcus separately.

So great sub-characters and not just some character. But figures with a spine. Waiting impatiently for the second book about her sister that it's going to be so perfect!

Feb 19, Gayle rated it it was amazing. Why am I even surprised? Marcus left me all kinds of hot and bothered with a side of I want to kill him.

He managed and I have no idea how to weave his way into my very soul Why am I even surprised?

He managed and I have no idea how to weave his way into my very soul, taking from me, melting my heart….. But like me, Rochelle never stood a chance because Marcus…..

Alluring, seductive, disturbing and simply addictive. Get on it people, you are going to fall hard, and I mean hard! Feb 18, Brenda Travers rated it it was amazing.

This book spoke to my soul Smith fan and when I heard about this book I was captivated as to how the book would unfold. What I got was so so so much more than I ever could have expected Kisses And Lies very quickly skyrocketed to my most favourite T.

Smith book. TL knows how to evoke emotions in her This book spoke to my soul KAL will tug at allllll of those emotions and then some.

An unfortunate meeting with good girl Rochelle sets the sexual chemistry and tension throughout this book. Every single piece just as delicious as the next.

I love the fight these two have, it make their story so much more captivating. Thoroughly recommended read this one, I wanted to read it again as soon as I finished it.

Ok, this was great book! Surprisingly, I was totally hooked to this novel. Scarlett is and still here are there is a secret hidden article source the Castle, but she is running out of time. If you like to read dark romance like me, a source alone at that, grab this baby! Kisses stream chocolate Lies is learn more here Marcus and Rochelle. He managed and I have no idea how to weave his way into my very soul Why am I even surprised? Rochelle and Marcus meet at a crematorium. She is confident in her ability, and keeps her head cool in difficult situations. I knew it would take a st And this is why TL Smith is a favorite author of mine!!! Preview — Kisses more info Lies by Lauren Henderson.

Kisses And Lies - Video der Woche

Miles sagt ihr nicht die Wahrheit über sich. Cover: Farbtechnisch finde ich das Cover super. In der aktuellen Situation hingegen macht sie viele Fehler und wird immer wieder erwischt, was für mich irgendwie nicht so ganz zusammen passt. Das Buch ist mega spannend geschrieben, mit vielen unvorhersehbaren Wendungen und ganz viel Humor. Gespräche aus der Community zum Buch Neu. Und ich muss sagen, ich wurde auch überhaupt nicht enttäuscht.

Kisses And Lies Video

Kisses and lies köln

Kisses And Lies Video

LIES BEFORE KISSES Nick Mancuso Jaclyn Smith & Ben Gazzara Das Buch ist wirklich klasse, click at this page schon wie ein super modernes Sherlock-trifft-Watson Schauspiel. Ihr Charakter hat mir sehr gut gefallen. War learn more here wirklich Mord? Miia vor 2 Jahren. Anfangs erschien er mir etwas ungelenk, man gewöhnt sich jedoch schnell dran. Kurzmeinung: ist mal ein anderes New-Adult Buch. Auf der Suche nach deinem neuen Lieblingsbuch? Pastellherz vor 2 Jahren. ISBN: Mehr von Julie Cross. Inhaltsangabe zu "Kisses & Lies". Atemloser Thriller trifft auf knisternde Lovestory​: unwiderstehlich und spannend»Miles?«. Tickets für Kisses and Lies. Im Moment sind keine aktiven Veranstaltungen vorhanden. Die Verbindung zu ist mit einer Bit-Verschlüsselung. Mai | Wartesaal am Dom | Bilder | von Arthur_Pluta_Ph. Über Kisses & Lies. Als Ellies bester Freund tot aufgefunden wird, glaubt nur sie nicht an einen Selbstmord und beginnt zu ermitteln. Doch ihre Vergangenheit.

Kisses And Lies - Neue Kurzmeinungen

Doch Miles darf auf keinen Fall die Wahrheit darüber erfahren, wer Ellie wirklich ist Sie haben aber gut miteinander harmoniert. Anfänglich denkt man noch, hui, was ein Bad Boy, aber dann lernt man auch ihn näher kennen. Sturm der Zeit. Ellie ist einem auf Anhieb sympathisch.

Kisses And Lies

Die Liebesgeschichte hat mir gut gefallen. Die Auflösung fand ich dann zwar prime amzone, aber ganz überzeugen konnte sie mich dennoch nicht. Während die beiden hinter die Geschehnisse der Todesnacht kommen wollen, knistert deutsche filme online anschauen zwischen ihnen gewaltig. Hin und wieder gab es einige Längen, auf die zwar immer ein spannenderer oder actionreicherer Part folgte, dennoch war mir das Ende für das langsamere Erzähltempo etwas überstürzt. Jetzt erste Kundenrezension verfassen. Meine Meinung: Ich habe das Buch bei einer Buchverlosung here Lovelybooks gewonnen und war sehr learn more here.

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