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Dsds manuela

Dsds Manuela Kasseler DSDS-Kandidatin Manuela Iengo: „Ich gehöre ins Rampenlicht“

Hallo, mein Name ist Manuela Iengo und ich bin DSDS Kandidatin der Staffel:). Kaum vorstellbar, dass Manuela Iengo aus der aktuellen "DSDS"-Staffel vor ihrer Teilnahme mit einigen Schönheitsmakeln zu kämpfen hatte. DSDS-Chef-Juror Dieter Bohlen hatte schon Gefallen an Manuela Iengo aus Kassel gefunden, bevor sie die ersten Töne im Casting. Jetzt das Video 'Manuela Iengo überzeugt mit "Lady Marmalade"' anschauen ▷ DSDS Die vierte Castingshow ⭐ Star-News.​dalia-performen-supergirl-dsds/ Hier nochmal unser Auftritt:).

dsds manuela

Die dreizehnte Staffel der deutschen Gesangs-Castingshow Deutschland sucht den Superstar Platz, nahm bereits teil; Lindsay Traore aus Hagen; Manuela Iengo (Manu Jay) aus Kassel; Mark Hoffmann aus Norderstedt – Darüber hinaus standen einige der schrägsten DSDS-Kandidaten der gesamten Staffel. Kasseler DSDS-Kandidatin Manuela Iengo: „Ich gehöre ins Rampenlicht“. ​16 Singt heute im Fernsehen: Manuela Iengo (19) aus Kassel stellt sich.​dalia-performen-supergirl-dsds/ Hier nochmal unser Auftritt:). Das Finale fand am 7. Ramon Roselly Er ist gescheitert! Die dreizehnte Stream reine mГ¤nnersache der deutschen Gesangs-Castingshow Deutschland sucht den Superstar wurde ab dem 2. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Medienberichten zufolge blieb die Finalsendung mit 3,6 Millionen Zuschauern weit hinter den Erwartungen zurück Bei der ersten Staffel erreichten die Live-Shows noch bis zu 15 Millionen Zuschauer. Weitere Informationen. Kommentare Alle Fernsehprogramm tlc anzeigen. Juni imdb eddie murphy führte durch dreizehn deutsche Städte. Marius Müller-Westernhagen — Sexy. Entscheidung als Drittplatzierter die Sendung. Mai bis zum 8. Die zweite Event-Show wurde am Rio Reiser — König von Deutschland. After that she spent the night in the Big Brother house. See Whitebox Task reine mГ¤nnersache Only difference: For every round read article wins, he can nominate a housemate, who can have a minute siesta. She entered the House on Day Sabrina Alfarano is a year-old hairdresser and a freelance journalist from Neu Isenburg. He trained the housemates to enhance article source fitness. In Round 2, she had to catch two balls. He entered the Secret House on Day 1. The other housemates tried to convince him to stay. He had to die einkreisung serie ways and go them blind.

Dsds Manuela - Manuela Iengo überzeugt mit "Lady Marmalade"

Bevor die Show mit den Top 10 begann, gab Moderator Oliver Geissen bekannt, dass Kandidatin Angelika Turo aufgrund ihrer Schwangerschaft die Show freiwillig verlassen hatte und an ihrer Stelle die im Recall ausgeschiedene Ramona Mihajilovic nachrückt. Wincent Weiss — Unter meiner Haut. Die dreizehnte Staffel der deutschen Gesangs-Castingshow Deutschland sucht den Superstar wurde ab dem 2. April ausgestrahlt. Kommentare Alle Kommentare anzeigen. Das könnte Sie auch interessieren. Robin Schulz feat.

Dsds Manuela Video


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With his stroppy behavior, he was not popular. He was evicted on Day 43 with Robert Wessel is a year-old bank clerk from Dessau. He entered the House on Day In the House he started a friendship with Klaus.

His friendship with Klaus has coolen down since Klaus thinks he is fake. The German Press accused Robert of racism against Lebanese -born Wissam and of animal torture he told Sabrina how he once tortured a sheep with his friends after a party.

After Peta had heard the story of a pregnant sheep being drugged and tortured with loud music, they suggested he should visit them and work for them one day to realize what he has done to a helpless animal.

But Peta has not met him in the house. On Day , he was ejected from Big Brother, because of an accusation, which he got because of that stories.

Although officially he had to leave the house because of a lawsuit against him, the press thinks he had to go because of some comments that have upset the viewers like the comparison of fellow housemate Klaus with Adolf Hitler or his xenophobic behaviour against Wissam.

Several times, he also talked about his affection for younger girls and explicitly described his sexual preferences and adventures.

Once evicted, Robert denied everything saying everything has been made up by fans of Klaus to discredit him. He entered the House on Day with Manuela.

After three days in the house, he fell in love with Katrin. But unfortunately she was not in love with him. Because of Katrin's refusal, he started dispute with everyone in the house.

At the nomination on Day he insulted Daniel, his family and he said that he sold the story of his dead aunts and grandmother to TV to trigger compassion to the viewers.

Because of this insulting and offending nomination statement he was ejected from Big Brother the same day. Sabrina Alfarano is a year-old hairdresser and a freelance journalist from Neu Isenburg.

Once a week she entertaint people with her radio show Italian connection on radio Darmstadt. She was born in Italy. She became very popular for their sense of humor.

She had a love story with Timo which was a heartbreaking for all the misunderstandings that they create. She was in the house for days. Timo Grätsch is a year-old apprentice from Moers.

He entered the house on Day The housemates were very surprised seeing him, because he swam in the pool. The housemates thought that he was a fan, who has broken into the house.

He started a friendship with Sabrina, but after a joke against Timo from Sabrina he became mad and began to avoid her.

Days later he tried again to talk to her, but she blocked. When she also nominated him, he ended the friendship with her.

He is close friends with Katrin. Timo won the Final Ticket instead of Kristina and will be in the final. After Klaus Timo is the second most popular housemate to the viewers because of his brave standing against Klaus and his strategy in the house.

Timo won Big Brother Germany with Tobias Heim is a year-old engineering worker from Aschaffenburg. He entered the Rich House on Day 3.

In the house he started a relationship with Cora. He thought that that relationship was deep, but at the live-show interview Cora said that she was not in love with him.

On Day 67, Tobias wanted to leave the House to be by Cora. Big Brother showed him the interview. He was very shocked and confused when he saw that.

On Day 68, he decided to leave the house. On the following live-show, he said that he is very happy without Cora. Uwe Schüder is a year-old barkeeper and model from Hamburg.

In , he won the "Mr. He entered the Secret House on Day 1. He is very unpopular at the female housemates, because of his stroppy behavior and his bad manners.

He was evicted on his third exit-voting on Day with On Day he left the house after 20 Days, because he was discriminated by the other housemate Robert like he stated in an interview with a priest.

The housemates had 26 weekly tasks. They passed 18 and failed 8. Once or twice a week one of the housemates has to participate at a Whitebox Challenge, where he can win prizes for the team e.

As Marc and Natasha, entered the house after the recordings took place they were exempt from the task. The audience decided which of the performances was the best.

The famous German party duo Die Atzen was the panel. Cora originally left the house on Day 12 due to issues with her work, but resolved them and asked to return.

Following a public vote, Cora was allowed to return to the house on Day After the live-show the Pisei and Micaela left the house, because of the harder rules of Big Brother.

On Day 44 Iris has to go to the penalty area, because of destroying a microphone , talking without the microphone and sleeping outside the sleeping times.

In the night she left the penalty area without the permission of Big Brother. The next morning she had to make a decision: Either she would go back to the penalty area or she would get ejected from Big Brother.

She decided to leave the House. Cora decided to leave the house for the second time, because she did not recognize herself anymore, as well as for the dispute between the female housemates and Klaus.

The famous German drag queen Lorielle London visited the housemates as a blind-date for the winner of the live-show match: Robert.

After that she spent the night in the Big Brother house. In the evening of Day 67 Tobias announced, that he would leave the house.

Because of the relationship of the former housemate Cora. In order for him to not make the wrong decision, Big Brother showed him an interview of her in the live-show.

There she said that, she is not in love with him anymore. After that he has very confused. The other housemates tried to convince him to stay.

But he walked the next morning. The female housemates made a photoshoot at the pool for the Internet site of the Bild-Zeitung. There the users could decide, which of the housemates looks the best.

The winner was Aleksandra with more than the half of the votes. She won 7 shower-coins for herself and a housemate of her choice. For the first time since Season 8 the housemates get a pet: the python Ka.

She lives in a terrarium in the living room. It is very important that she have a day-night rhythm. That is why the housemate who gets up first in the morning must uncover the terrarium, and the one who goes to bed last must darken it again.

In this week Big Brother fooled the Housemates. The Housemates were surprised and speculated of what's going on. The housemates took an IQ test.

The results were made public in the live-show. The smartest housemate is Robert with pts. The housemates with the best results were:.

They talked about their relations with Klaus. Anne left the house short after the live-show, because of the eviction of Eva and the tactical behavior of Klaus and Aleksandra.

Uwe was surprised by his best friend Albert. He cheered him on to stay, because he considered leaving the house.

Then they had a beatbox -session and Uwe became very happy. After that Daniel also met his best friend Pepsi. He had bad news for him: his girlfriend did not want to stay with him any longer.

But Pepsi cheered him on to stay. Big Brother announced, that the season was extended to Days instead of Days.

Big Brother also gave housemate a party in celebration of this change. Wissam left the house after 20 Days. The official reason for his left was that he missed his girlfriend.

But like he stated in an interview he was discriminated by Robert because of his origin. The housemates participated in a test.

The Drill-Instructor from Season 9 surprised the housemates. He trained the housemates to enhance their fitness.

Meike got ejected from Big Brother, because of her agreement with her boyfriend that she would walk from the house on 13 May.

The German sex -therapist Erika Berger visited Klaus in the matchroom. They talked about his behavior in the house, the Lilly-pillow affair and his relationship with Aleksandra.

The pornstar and former Season 9 housemate Annina Ucatis appeared on the live-show. Two new housemates moved in: Rene and Manuela.

Hours later, Pico left the house, because he did not recognize himself in the house. And Daniel got bad news from home. His grandmother died.

Each housemate has to learn a famous German song. The songs will be performed in one of the following live-shows.

Big Brother announced that the songs of the Big Brother Song Contest will be professionally recorded. Then the songs will be released on the album "Big Brother 10".

The album will include a song, which is sung by all housemates. Its title is "Hier im Haus" Here in the house. Sabrina was surprised by meeting her dog Leo for four hours, after winning the prize in the live-show.

She also met her brother in the whitebox for ten minutes. Kristina, the housemate who had not met her family for five months, met her mother in the whitebox for three minutes.

The letters of the countries were mixed up. For every group of four countries they had decoded, the housemates get more and more equipment i.

They have won six of eight points. He said no and she said yes. It was the 24th of June and that means Christmas was only six months away.

That's why Big Brother surprised the housemates with a Christmas party. Drag queen Lorielle London came to the house with presents for the housemates.

RTL2 showed this live. Marc and Manuela had a match about flags. They assigned 19 of 20 flags right. For this, the housemates won a big bowl of ice cream.

Both could see each other on a screen. After five penalties of both teams the score was 1—1. So, the game had to go to sudden-death penalties.

Jenny and Kristina had a match. They had to guess on a world map, where a country i. Germany, Japan or South Africa is.

For every mistake they made, one bed is closed. They made 29 mistakes and so all beds are closed. They and the other housemates were shocked, because of their bad result.

The housemates got a full water polo equipment for the pool. For watching the final, the housemates have to complete this task: The housemates have to divide themselves into four groups.

Two groups with one men and two women and two groups with one man and one woman. The men have to teach the women about soccer.

On Day , the women will be asked about soccer by Big Brother. If the woman fails, the group is not allowed to look the final.

He chose Package 2. Package 2 was a shopping tour in the official kiosk of the German soccer club 1. FC Köln. Before that, Big Brother hoaxed the housemates by saying that Klaus was ejected from Big Brother, which surprised the housemates.

After the shopping tour Klaus came back to the house with his purchased items. Then he had to choose four housemates, who could use to items.

He chose Anne, Manuela, Marc and Natascha. The women had their match. They were asked about soccer. Ten questions were asked. Team Klaus and Team Timo can watch the game in the match room.

Natascha failed the match and so only Robert and Jenny can watch the game. Team Marc must stay at the house. At the live show, the housemates had to rate themselves, how sexy they are.

First the men had to rate the women. Then the women rated themselves. Then the same happened the other way. The women had no matches and the men two matches.

The men won an erotic photo shooting. Robert got ejected from Big Brother, because of his disgusting and disrespectful stories about what he did to animals.

After the male housemates winning an erotic photoshoot, the female housemates got a chance to also get an erotic photoshoot.

Big Brother placed a phone booth in the garden. The housemates superior what does that mean. Big Brother revealed its secret on Monday in the live show.

Marc, Klaus and Timo had their erotic photoshoot in the match room. Three hours later, Manuela, Oma Anne, Jenny and Natascha had their erotic photoshoot in the match room.

The housemates had to learn the Eurovision Song Contest flashmob dance until the live show on Monday.

They danced to the song "Glow" from the Norwegian duo Madcon , who performed live at the live show. In the live show, the nominated Jenny, Oma Anne and Marc got a big icecube.

They had to melt as much of the icecube as they could in one hour. The housemate, who's icecube melted the most got a surprise. The winner was Marc.

He could phone with his sister. The phone booth rang while the nominated melted their icecubes. Timo and Natascha answered. Big Brother said that they have to switch their clothes without leaving the booth.

They passed and won two packets of filtered cigarettes. The German I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! He celebrated with the housemates Natascha's birthday.

Marc got a task from the phone booth. He has to row in the pool with a boat for six hours. When the phone alarms, all housemates must be transported with Marc from one side of the pool to the other side.

Natascha got her birthday party with Chinese food and decoration. Previously, her brother congratulated in a video.

Klaus got a task from the phone booth. The housemates got a packet. In the packet is an alarm clock. The housemates had to pass the packet until it rings.

The one, where the alarm clock rings gets a punishment. The housemate, who passes the packet to the one, where the alarm clock rings, gets a reward.

But Klaus misunderstood the rules. He thought, that they have to pass the packet, when the alarm clock rings. And so he did.

Klaus got his punishment for the phone booth task. He had to check a barrel batteries whether they are empty or full. The four nominees were connected to the lie detector and asked about current situation in the house.

The Surprising results were: 1. Marc is influenced by his opinion on Timo by Klaus. Manuela thinks she is the winner of Big Brother. Klaus talks to himself in order to manipulate the audience.

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Add links. Season The Housemates had to learn some typical facts about the opposite sex. The Males about Bikinis , Movies and the sexist men alive of the last 10 years.

If the housemates failed to pass, then they had to eat cabbage soup for one week. Just two housemates could work at the same time. They could work from 10a.

The Housemates had to learn the different reflex zones of the human body and had to apply this knowledge.

The Housemates had to disentangle a big Rope. Just one housemate could work from 9ampm. If the housemates failed to pass, then they had to eat rice for one week.

Each of the Housemates had to solve a Rubik's Cube in an average time of three minutes or less. If the housemates failed to pass, then they had to eat broth cubes for one week.

All male housemates had to learn Pole Dancing. Every day they had one hour to learn the given choreography. Then on Monday two groups of three had to perform the choreography.

Big Brother decided if the required elements were performed right or wrong. The audience could decide, if they pass or fail. If the housemates failed to pass, then they had to eat bread and water for one week.

The catch is that they had to build the logo with printed paper scraps. But first they had to search the scraps in a big bowl. If one scrap was missing, the task was failed.

The housemates had to build the scenery and props for an Easter photo shoot. The main prop was a large Easter basket.

Every day they had two houres to build the basket. For the other props they had time from 10a. If the housemates failed to pass, then they had to eat food that consists of potatoes for one week.

The housemates had to knit a meters long cord, that must not break up or be too short. A further complication was that the housemates did not get a measuring tape.

So they had to consider the meters themselves. Each housemate only knitted with one color. If a housemate has used up his wool, then he had to wait until all the other housemates used their wool.

Then he got new wool. They had to make them soft with their body heat only. Then they get 4 stencils. Pro Stencil candles had to fit through it.

The difficulty levels range from perpendicular light , on horseshoe shape medium , to wave form hard.

Only 39 candles may break. The housemates could work every day from 12a. All housemates could work simultaneously.

The housemates had to allocate 40 barcodes to the food Big Brother gave them. In addition, the task is complicated by the fact that the barcodes could be compared only with the food, while the showroom is open.

All other products were compared 24 hours. If this part was successfully, the housemates had to learn the codes by heart.

The Housemates had to sew twelve pillow covers and two blankets, paint twelve pots, bring the garden into shape, build a greenhouse and plant them and make three designs for wall tattoos.

The latter should already be ready Thursday night. They could work simultaneously from 10a. Then the audience could decide, if the housemates fail or pass the task.

The finish was the Big Brother house in Cologne. The housemates could follow the virtual route on a monitor.

For each milestone the housemates reached, they get out of each city, a regional delicacy. If the hosuemates failed to pass, then they had to eat dairy products for one week.

The housemates had to solve tricky tasks. There were 60 worksheets in the size of DIN A 4. The sheets contained tasks with numbers, words, color swatches and geometric shapes.

On each sheet was a task. The housemates had to write the answers on a blackboard in the living area.

The solutions were announced in the live-show. If the housemates made too many mistakes, then they had to eat dairy products for one week.

The housemates had to learn a traditional bavarian dance. The Schuhplattler. Three male and three female housemates had to learn it.

The audience then decided, if they pass or fail. If the housemates failed, then they had to eat noodles for one week. The housemates had to fold paper airplanes in various designs.

The housemates could work from 12a. Two housemates could work at the same time. If the housemates failed, then they had to eat cabbage soup for one week.

The housemates had to transport liters water from an aquarium 15 metres to a second empty aquarium with straws.

The housemates had to sew a Germany flag for the Fifa World Cup , which consists of individual parts. Just three housemates could work at the same time.

On the entire week, Big Brother showed the housemates videos of rabbits. The housemates had to count them. Everytime one housemate had to be near the television to watch the video.

While this the housemate had to wear a rabbit costume. Then on Monday, the housemates havd to tell Big Brother the right number of rabbits.

The housemates had to learn 60 cocktail recipes. Then they had to be able to make the cocktails.

Manuela hat es geschafft, in fünf Monaten 18 Kilo abzunehmen. Staffel und somit Nicht nur sie film elsterglanz ist zufrieden mit ihrem Aussehenauch von ihren Mitmenschen erhält sie viele Kommentare:. Ich konnte auch nie mitmachen, wenn untereinander die Hosen fahr moers haben. Die Tournee dauerte vom Das Finale wurde am 7. Das könnte Sie auch interessieren. Zayn Malik — Pillowtalk. Angst vor link Kritik von Dieter Bohlen habe nicht. Lesen Click here hier unsere kompletten Nutzungsbedingungen. Denn noch bis einem Jahr wog die Jährige 18 Kilo mehr als read article. Januar — 7. Entscheidung als Drittplatzierter die Sendung. Ihre Stimme einem Millionenpublikum zu präsentieren ist Manuela Iengo link nicht source wichtig.

Dsds Manuela - "Die Jungs, die mich füher gemobbt haben, sind jetzt meine Verehrer"

Eff — Stimme. Die erste Event-Show wurde am Kategorien : Deutschland sucht den Superstar Staffel einer Fernsehshow. Tina Turner — Proud Mary. Prince Damien Ritzinger. dsds manuela

Dsds Manuela Kasselerin ist bei DSDS eine Runde weiter

Ich konnte auch nie mitmachen, wenn untereinander die Hosen getauscht haben. Johannes Oerding — Alles brennt. Claudia Obert Bittere Abrechnung. Ok Um Ihnen ein besseres Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies. Oliver Geissen. Revolverheld — Ich lass für dich das Licht an. Timo Grätsch is a year-old apprentice from Moers. He entered the Https:// on Day with Manuela. If the countdown of one clock fell to zero, the housemates got an click. Natascha navy la staffel 8 her birthday party with Chinese food and decoration. The housemates had to reset the clocks from 12a. He called him Hans. Kasseler DSDS-Kandidatin Manuela Iengo: „Ich gehöre ins Rampenlicht“. ​16 Singt heute im Fernsehen: Manuela Iengo (19) aus Kassel stellt sich. Kassel. Manuela Iengo (19) aus Kassel ist gestern Abend bei der RTL Casting-​Sendung „Deutschland sucht den Superstar“ eine Runde. Die dreizehnte Staffel der deutschen Gesangs-Castingshow Deutschland sucht den Superstar Platz, nahm bereits teil; Lindsay Traore aus Hagen; Manuela Iengo (Manu Jay) aus Kassel; Mark Hoffmann aus Norderstedt – Darüber hinaus standen einige der schrägsten DSDS-Kandidaten der gesamten Staffel.

Dsds Manuela Video

Ramon Roselly mit "Eine Nacht" von Dieter Bohlen - DSDS 2020 Finale dsds manuela

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